Ingvild Bertelsen

instagram: @ingvild577 

+45 53386595 

Little bit about me

I'm occupied with shifts of different movement qualities and dynamics as a tool to find a way of constantly clarifying, as well as challenging my language of dance. I wonder how and what we can communicate through our artform to others, not necessarily in order for them to translate it into words, but to enhance the intellect of the body itself. 

I’ve invested many hours with my practice in improvisation and movement research, constantly evolving the practice to my needs and interests. Lately, I've been inspired by complex systems; a scientific understanding in how individual agents together can create emergent phenomenons.

Though I take great pleasure in, and inspiration from different theoretical material, I always find myself returning back to the dance and to the body.

I’m currently studying at the MA Dance program at Oslo National Academy of Arts (KHiO)