Pentagram Parade

by Snorre Elvin as a part of 'BIG BANG - Collective matter' by Svalholm Dans


Pentagram Parade is a new folk dance based on breath, chain dance, the act of mirroring and listening bodies in motion. The dance exists between the lungs, the feet and the hands, between the open and the closed eyes, between the environment and the bodies of the dancers. It's a dance that slithers through the city in a sensorial parade where dances emerges and different times melt together. 


Pentagram Parade is a part of Nønne Svalholm's piece BIG BANG - Collective Matter

Choreography: Snorre Elvin

Performance: Birgitte Müller, Annelise Sejer Pedersen, Jette Rohde, Birgitte Lægaard og Snorre Elvin

Costumes: Snorre Elvin