of the Hypersea

What does it mean to be a body of water? In Mermaid(s) of the Hypersea rituals with bodily fluids, songs, dances and tea-drinking become symbols for the exploration of gender, identity, deconstruction and love as well as for the dancer’s transformation into a mermaid.

The water of which we all consist is at the heart of Mermaid(s) of the Hypersea. Representing bodily fluids, leakage, the feminine, and the emotional, the mermaid is a diva and a queer icon. This is a dance with and in the water that washes away the boundaries between you, me and us, and between the human and the non-human.

The audience is drawn into a frontier-land where waters are transformed, where bodies evaporate, and where imagination, sensuality, performativity and fictionality elucidate the waterlogged body. In this piece, a mermaid allows and encourages sensitivity, fragility and femininity. 

Mermaid(s) of the Hypersea is an adaptation of the solo performance Mermaid of the Hypersea from 2018 by Snorre Elvin. For Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival 2021 the solo is shifting it’s shape and turning into a duet along with Peter Scherrebeck Hansen.

Concept: Snorre Elvin
Choreography and performance: Snorre Elvin in collaboration with Peter Scherrebeck Hansen

Performance: Snorre Elvin & Peter Scherrebeck Hansen

Sound: Nanna Elvin Hansen, Minais B, t0ni

Costumes: Alectra Rothschild

Light: Magnus Hjortlund

Pictures: Ville Vidø

Thanks to: David Kummer, Oline Marie Andersen, Linnea Slipsager, Kai Merke, Mathilde Hyttel, Sol Ravn
Support from: Danish Arts Council, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Danseatelier, Dance All Year Long, Ravnedans & Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival