of the Hypersea

What does it mean to be a body of water? In Mermaid(s) of the Hypersea rituals with bodily fluids, songs, dances and tea-drinking become symbols for the exploration of gender, identity, deconstruction and love as well as for the dancer’s transformation into a mermaid.

The water of which we all consist is at the heart of Mermaid(s) of the Hypersea. Representing bodily fluids, leakage, the feminine, and the emotional, the mermaid is a diva and a queer icon. This is a dance with and in the water that washes away the boundaries between you, me and us, and between the human and the non-human.

The audience is drawn into a frontier-land where waters are transformed, where bodies evaporate, and where imagination, sensuality, performativity and fictionality elucidate the waterlogged body. In this piece, a mermaid allows and encourages sensitivity, fragility and femininity. 

Mermaid(s) of the Hypersea is an adaptation of the solo performance Mermaid of the Hypersea from 2018 by Snorre Elvin.

Concept: Snorre Elvin
Choreography and performance: Snorre Elvin in collaboration with Peter Scherrebeck Hansen

Performance: Snorre Elvin & Peter Scherrebeck Hansen

Sound: Nanna Elvin Hansen, Minais B, t0ni

Costumes: Alectra Rothschild

Light: Magnus Hjortlund

Pictures: Ville Vidø

Trailer: filmed by Thomad Dyrholm, edited by Snorre Elvin

Thanks to: David Kummer, Oline Marie Andersen, Linnea Slipsager, Kai Merke, Mathilde Hyttel, Sol Ravn
Support from: Danish Arts Council, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Danseatelier, Dance All Year Long, Ravnedans & Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival