Vortex Delight

MA Choreography Graduation Performance by Snorre Elvin at The Danish National School of Performing Arts


A catwalk falls and crawls into a dance

as time swirls and the night tiptoes into an ambiguoussmize.

Vortex Delight is a continuum, a practice of walking into something more than walking and adance of transformation.

7 performers are walking, dancing, singing and lip-syncing their way through individual andshared pathways on a big common circular route. The route moves on and off what we considerthe stage and the performers therefor constantly appear and disappear by following that route. Asthe performers are constantly transforming their walk and dance; the audience only sees part oftheir journey of transformation. They intersect with each other and let themselves be changedthrough the encounters on their way. One moment they are like strangers on the street, anotherlike fish in a shoal and then the next moment like cat-walkers, wanderers, dancers and partypeople.

In a play with roles of the pedestrian, the dancer and the drifter the performance explorescollective and individual trajectories, ways of co-existing and modes seeing and being seen in alandscape in constant rotation.

The performance is build up around a practice of walking: walking into something more thanwalking, walking into a dance as well as walking into each other, into the landscape, walkingthrough gates of transformation and becoming each others transformative gates, walking as in catwalking and walking as in drifting through space. The walk as a place of sensuality, somaticexperience and curiosity as well as a place of being seen, of seeing and performing.

pictures ny AdeY

Concept, choreography, sound and projection: Snorre Elvin
Dance: Aikaterini Dimitrelli, Paavali Velinpoika Kärkkäinen, Léana Licous, Pauline Michel, Nanna Stigsdatter, Peter Scherrebeck and Ronald Berger

Styling: Camilla Lind

On the side: Nefeli Gioti