past, pastures

PAST, PASTURES studies the body as a living, moving archive. It is a performance that allows already existing material to re-enter the space and the body. The performer is reactivating selected work from the past and trying to let the material lean and land into new surfaces. 

The work re-enacts old movement material, blurs and awakes the senses by smells and gaze filters, and it establishes a visible, unchronological time line with articles, text material, and images from the past. It is an attempt to understand and recycle dances that are already stored in the body, and access them with the knowledge of today. 

The audience are invited to enter a space that asks them to read, smell, listen and observe while the performer is physically placing her memories, either through movements, or through objects and sounds.

The work was developed during the residency Dance All Year Long in June, Odense 2019, and continued in DANSEatelier in september 2019 in a shared residency with Snorre Jeppe Hansen and Emilia Gaisorek.


Mentor: Tine Damborg and Emma-Cecilia Ajanki

Thanks to Taneli Törma

Presented at Møntergården, Odense, Astrid Noack's Atelier and in DANSEatelier, Copenhagen 2019