Excerpts from performance at XC.HuA (2020)

Drivtømmer is a dance performance by Nanna Stigsdatter and Snorre Hansen. It is a choreography shaped as a stream bed and our dance is the water flowing through. The work deals with care and sensitivity allowing emotions and explosions of love, friendship, romance, something like sibling hood and kinship. By entering practices of listening, following, allowing and not knowing we explore matters of care within queer friendship.

The performance deals with the notion of the Ecotone: Eco(logy) = home and Tone = tonos or tension –- in other words, a place where ecologies are in tension. The concept of the Ecotone describes a non-binary place, an in-between space and a liquid border between different ecologies. In Drivtømmer we work with images of the ecotone sight such as the shore, the threshold and the intimacy and closeness that friendship holds. We unfold these places and create a portrait of a creek and a love story.

Drivtømmer was performed at XC.HuA (Berlin), Pollution #3 (Berlin) and at DANSEatelier: Weavings (Copenhagen)

Trailer from performance at Pollution #3 (2019)