Naïma Mazic  Concept Choreographer/ Performer

Filipa Botelho Composition/ Clarinet/ Performer
Lola Drubigny  Visual Art/ Performer
Sien Van Dycke  Development/ Performer
Judith Ferstl  Composition/ Bass/ Performer
Snorre-Jeppe Hansen  Development/ Performer
William Ruiz Morales Concept/ Text
Sebastian Simsa Composition/ Percussion/ Performer
Helga Danek  Performer
Klara Kostal  Production Assistant

Keren Kraizer  Trailer and Video

Sharing home

by n ï m company

Sharing HOME is a constructed and diverse environment: three artistic disciplines coexisting, behaving as living identities and creating a unique ecosystem through each performance. Sharing HOME created a temporal home at CAB, opening a space for a fictional, autonomous and temporary community and to reflect on how polyrhythms and polymeters can create a sense of togetherness. As contemporary visual artists, musicians and dancers, the performers question the flexible nature of what they call home. They understand the notion of home as a dynamic concept, not completely or necessarily related to ideas of nationality or place of origin

Performed at CAB Contemporary Art Gallery Brussels