oops!... i did it with glamor

a part of 'Wa(l)king Copenhagen' and Metropolis 

oops!... i did it with glamour is a few minuttes long performance consisting of a dance based on choreographic material from iconic Britney Spears music videos composed into a univers informed by 'Trio A' by Yvonne Rainer. It start with a song based on the I Ching hexagram 30:

It comes suddenly.

It flames up,

dies down,

And is forgotten about.

A short-lived event, with no lasting influence

The performance was presented 12 times during the 14th of June 2020 at 12 different outdoor locations throughout Copenhagen as a part of 'Wa(l)king Copenhagen'. 


17:00 - set and music by P Langelandsvej Plads / this is not a place to rest

15:00 - someone thought I was a tennis player warming up / so happy about that

12:00 - ichy ichy / contamination and collaboration

11:00 - a body with needs / me against the music

10:00 - talking with humans / finding objects / asking: how does a screen transmit the invisible?

09:00 - forbidden love / returning to the stage / disturbing the dance class

07:00 - arriving by mistaking / many places to call home

06:00 - the friction between the imagination and the sensation / it is nice to get up early

05:00 asking for an advice for the tour https://www.eclecticenergies.com/iching/realcoins