a family performance from 2002 that unfolds imaginary mazes on stage. The work is made by Catalan choreographer Ángels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES, and I took part of the performance as an intern in 2014. Since then I have toured the piece up until 2017. I have presented and toured the work in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Granada and Sevilla. 

Choreography, scenic space and direction:

Àngels Margarit


Eneko Alcaraz

Dory Sanchez

Joan Palau

Marlene Bonnesen - Isabel López 

Original music and music edition: Joan Saura

Recorded music: Mastretta Pascal Comelade

Video: Nuria Font
Costumes: Ariadna Papió

Costumes making: Ariadna Papió & Nele Pele & Txell Janot

Director assistant: Nerea Egurrola

Lighting: Ernesto Fois

Lighting technician: Conrado Parodi

Technical coordination and sound
and video technician: Marc Ases

Scenic elements: Pere Milán

Flowers photography: Estel Margarit
Colors projection: Ferran Capella in collaboration with Llorenç Corbella and Ferran Capella

Origami is a production of Àngels Margarit/Cia. MUDANCES
with coproduction of L’Espai de dansa i música de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Barcelona) and with the collaboration of Teatre de Salt (Salt, Girona) and of l’Ajuntament de Terrassa (Terrassa, Barcelona).

Link to info and videomaterial: