Bag kroppene, sorgen

is a performance made in collaboartion between writer and poet Peter-Clement Woetmann and Snorre Hansen based on the book 'Bag bakkerne, kysten' and movement practices of relocation of matter.

The performance is a meeting between text, bodies and movement. The body of humans as well as non-human - the things around us as well as the body of words. Bodies on stage and the bodies that are not present dealing with presence and absence. It's a work with the movements of these bodies. Streatching from relocations of small bodies of plastic, technical devices, water and humans to the words about containerships moving human bodies across the Mediterranean sea.

Based on ideas of radical empapthy the performance works on how we can create a space for for refllection in a time that can seem hopeless polically. How do we talk about migration, bounderies, share information and process together?

'Bag kroppene, sorgen' was performed at 'Nye konstellationer - En aften med Øverste Kirurgiske' at København hovedbibliotek and at DANSEatelier Performance Feast #5, 2017.