as I collapse - installation 2019

by recoil performance group

as I collapse - installation 2019 is a new version of the original as I collapse - Performance 2017, developed and presented during the Ou\/ert Festival in Bourges, FR, november 2019

"as I collapse is a choreographic work that involves the meeting with a very tiny being a micro algae by the name Pyrocystis Fusiformis.
It is a bio luminescent algae – it is capable of producing light with its body. This happens when the algae is exposed to sudden movement or a sudden impact. Even if we can hardly see the algae with our naked eye – we can see the light it produces when it gets agitated." 

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performers : Snorre Hansen, Tina Tarpgaard,

Arianna Marano & Carlos Calvo
choreography : Tina Tarpgaard
prodcer : Carlos Calvo