))) Ever Losing (((

By and with Lisen Pousette & Olivia Riviere

Music: Karis Zidore

Sound engineer: Kristian Alexander

Costumes: Lisen Pousette & Olivia Riviere

Costume advise: Tove Dreiman

Thanks to: Anna Efraimsson, Malin Arnell, Josefin Wikström

Thanks to venues and festivals hosting our work: EAREYE@Inkonst, Talking and Props@Weld, Fylkingen & Dansehallerne

Ever Losing is a duet that moves within broken time, re-entering past experiences in order to live with current losses.

With a background in choir singing and a shared interest in working with voice practices, Olivia Riviere and Lisen Pousette’s work departs from growling: a dark and aggressive male-coded vocal technique used in music styles such as death metal and grindcore.

By breaking away from the stereotypes of metal music and its aesthetic clichés, the sound is twisted into relational images such as the hug, holding hands, dancing cheek to cheek – all elements of duality, twosomeness, friendship and lesbian love. The idea of the broken permeates the piece,

whether it is broken language, broken time or broken as in being indebted.

When death takes something from you give it back. – Naja Maria Aidt

Ever losing resists moving on or getting through. It stays at the site of loss and keeps returning to the loser’s, the broken one’s, position while listening to the sound of broken bodies.

Or, it is just two losers dancing in the break.