chill out, we have already been reborn

chill out, we have already been reborn is a performance that deals with questions on (body) utopias and proposes a space where the perfomers are transforming and changing into whatever is reachable in the audience's imagination. 

By studying old science fiction movies from U.S. and USSR dealing with the imagined leap of human society living next to or being confronted by the apocalypse, space travel, and the human robot hybrid, the work has been led to the philosophical reading of Michel Foucault 'Utopian Body', artistic understanding of the ancient civilization by Tito Lucretius, and beyond to the ideas of the Post-Human in an imagined future where humans are starting to co-exist with cyborgs. 

Choreograpers and performers: David Kummer, Fuji Hoffmann, Jens Schyth Brøndum & Marlene Bonnesen

Presented at: Palladium/Malmø, Ravnedans/Kristianssand, Baghaven, Kulturnatten 2015/København and The Danish National School of Performing Arts/København