WEAVINGS was the last performance evening in a row of four hosted by Nanna Stigsdatter and Stine Frandsen in Danseatelier, Blegdamsvej 18A, Nørrebro. 11/05/2019


*Drivtømmer/drifting wood*

Snorre Hansen & Nanna Stigsdatter

A choreography shaped as stream bed and dance being water flowing through

*JOURNALS 1988 – 2019*

by Camilla Graff Junior

In this performance Camilla will reactivate her memory and revisit different moments of her life, emotions and thoughts together with the present audience. The project takes its starting point in an investigation of her old journals. The corpus consists of twenty-seven handwritten notebooks conceived in Danish, her native language, from June 11th 1988 until today.

*Tiny Concert*

by Tabea Magyar

What happens when cloudrap meets poetry? – Working with soundfiles and live speech, somatics and singing, “Tiny Conert” is a dance with language, an embodied poetics of fluidity that defies genre and gender. Lullabies are sung to children, not to demonstrate one’s vocal abilities. And in the same way - despite its decidely megalomaniac allure - this “Tiny Conert” will be performed to you. You could have been anywhere in the world, but you are here, with me.


by Rachell Bo Clark and Judith Förster

This dance is a copy - glimpses of forgotten moments

no memory longer than 2,5‘

Dance floor

by DJ Blåbær

An assemblage of soft, warm and shaky tunes curated by Blåbær, exploring the collective healing and heart opening capacities of music and silences. Hydrate yourself and come as you are.

Vegan food

by Vala T. Foltyn

Technique by Nanna-Karina Schleimann

Podcast by Anne Gry Friis Kristensen


Pictures by Nadia Roccato