Weekly Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons

 Throughout September-October 2023 Danseatelier will be hosting

Feldenkrais classes taught by Feldenkrais Denmark. 

~ Classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays ~

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The Feldenkrais method is an excellent way of getting in touch with yourself by exploring a great variety of different movement lessons. You will find yourself rolling, crawling, bending, turning, reaching, twisting - gently, and at your own pace. You will feel the different parts of you, notice new details, discover how you actually move and, even better, how you could move in other ways!

The main focus is on the movement quality and doing things with awareness rather than exercising.

This work has helped many people ranging from professional athletes, curious movers, artists, to people with chronic pain and various inhibitions to experience more ease, energy and clarity in their trade of choice and everyday.


Feldenkrais Denmark is a group of feldenkrais teachers based in Denmark who take turns facilitating the public Awareness Through Movement lessons. The teachers have backgrounds in theatre, dance, music, fine arts, education and other fields and they look forward to sharing their unique perspectives!

See more about Feldenkrais Denmark here.

For questions contact: feldenkrais.denmark@gmail.com 


  • Classes run throughout September-December 2023.

  • One lesson costs 100 dkk (paid in MobilePay or cash).

  • You can participate in your everyday clothes, but it can be practical to bring warm clothes because some lessons are slow and minimal, so you won't get cold then.

  • It's practical but not required to bring a blanket, which you can use to suppport your head or other body parts during a lesson.

  • Please arrive a little before 7pm, so that the class can start prompty at 7pm.


  • Danseatelier, Blegdamsvej 18A, København, 2200,
  • Accessibility: Danseatelier is located on the second floor. Unfortunately there is no elevator.


Facebook event for Monday classes

Facebook event for Wednesday classes