the opening evening of our new studio at Blegdamsvej 18A.

Curated by Marlene Bonnesen, Ingvild Bertelsen and Snorre Hansen.


Picures by Nadia Marilena Roccato


Disturbing Business

*Shane et al. episode 1:


by Cathryn Humpreys, Hanna Strandberg, Lisa Schåman, Lydia Ostberg Diakté, Andreas Haglund, Lisen Pousette, Ellen Söderhult and Oda Bakke

'Shane is a character in a TV series that is about a girl gang that hangs out a lot. It doesn’t really have a main character but the main character is sort of the gang. Et al.indicates “and others” and is often used when something has many authors. The choir has a history of backing up a soloist, but to sing in a choir can also be to temporarily submit to or acknowledge being a part of a collective protagonist. Scenography shifts from background to foreground when the choir’s collected forces embrace the mountain with singing'

The Oracle and B.B Angelica


by Max Wallmeier

This dance has been left to age for almost two years. I added some things, but it's still not full of spectacle.
Oh, and I'm sorry if the music becomes too repetitive. I still really like that song..

Meleat Fredrikson

With Food by Olga Andrynowska

Sharing a meal with someone, eating together has a special term – Commensality. A place where people sit and eat together can enliven relationships, share thoughts, experiences and emotions. Eating together reaffirms the sense of belonging, being part of a community.
Let's share a meal today: khoresh gheymeh (Persian stew), red cabbage salad and a chocolate mousse. All vegan, gluten and sugar free.

DJ's Amalie Bergstein & Camilla Lind