‘tectonics’ is a rhizomatic mapping of information through desires and strategies. It deals with the hosting, passing and translating of information between and across bodies and screens. Coming from a desire to navigate through the multitude of information in our lives, it focuses on this constant accumulation of layers, and insists on being with this complexity.

‘tectonics’ is a response to the fast-speed society we live in, bombarding us with information from multimedia and technological interventions. Rather than avoiding or denying, ‘the tectonics’ proposes bodily and collective ways of moving through and dealing with this situation, and in that way we challenge ourselves to stay with the trouble.

Pictures from thecarrierbag festial at Dansehallerne, 2017

tectonics is a performance collectively developed by DANSEatelier through 2016 to 2018. It's been presented in several versions with several amounts of people at Copenhagen Contemporary, ICE HOT Copenhagen, DANSEatelier, Dansehallerne & Det Frie Felts Festival 2019

Picture from Det Frie Felts Festival 2018

Selected moments from 'tectonics' at thecarrierbag festival