'take-over' @ Den Frie

As a part of the culture night 2018 Danseatelier made a 'take-over' at Den Frie Udstilling. The building was inhabitet by choreographies and performative interventions by Danseateliers members and friends that lived alongside with the already installed exhibitions. 

Presented works:

‘tuning in to the space between’ research by Ingvild Bertelsen
‘Elliptisk Interlude’ sound- and performance piece by Naya Moll and Karis Zidore
'attached/unattached - my mic' sound performance by Xenia Xamanek
'Little language' a mash-up moving monologue by Meleat Fredriksson
‘Mermaid of the Hypersea - the concert’ performance by Snorre Jeppe Hansen
‘La Croix Mystique’ dance ritual by Oracle Wu Fotia
‘no body nostalgia’ ongoing sound installation by Marlene Bonnesen.