A 12 hour performativ walk - part of Wa(l)king Copenhagen by Metropolis 2020

The walk is based on 12 scores called ACTS#. The scores are physical actions performed in areas where I have spent a lot of time in the Spring 2020. Each score comes from a scrapbook that I wrote and worked on in March, April and May same year. The scrapbook contains textual material, airy notes, messages, pictures, video links and articles, all of which illustrate a form of boredom, restless thoughts, hope, observations, hunger for stimulation and documentation from a special time in more or less isolation.

The 12 scores consist of a mix of movement, modes, readings, intuitive actions and possibly some singing if you are (un)lucky. On the walk, I have allied myself with a blue rope, which either defines the physical space in which I perform the score, or can be used as an object or as a helping hand on the trip.

Link to the scrapbook:

Thanks to: Metropolis, Dansehallerne, Sia S. Løvetofte, Anja Løvetofte, Lærke Bonnesen, Max Wallmeier and Sandra Liaklev.