Open call for a two week residency at Danseatelier (Copenhagen)

between April 21st - May 5th 2024.

undone, done, undone is a recurring residency format hosted at and by Danseatelier*. The residency is an opportunity to revisit old materials or pieces to be explored further, to continue something undone or undo something already done. We offer an unconventional framework** for process-oriented research and artistic practices within the realm of choreography and/or dance. For each undone, done, undone residency a new curatorial group of 2-3 members of Danseatelier is established to formulate the open call and select the artists in residency. Curatorial group for this edition is Ingvild Bertelsen, Marlene Bonnesen and Karis Zidore. 


So Low - ‘Taking a stance against being so low in a solo

For this edition of undone, done, undone we turn our attention towards the solo and add the subtitle So Low. We want to make visible how a solo is not singular but made of multitudes and encounters, by proposing space for alternative modes of production around a solo work.

Also, we just don’t want to feel so alone – so low – when making a solo! 

We are looking for an artist wants to do, undo and do their already existing solo work together with a familiar or unfamiliar comrad – someone who can challenge, question, or bring new perspectives to the solo work. Maybe you have always wanted to invite a specific dramaturg, sound designer, scenographer, visual artist? Maybe you wish to bring your favorite emotional supporter who knows how to hold you in times of (artistic) highs and lows? Maybe you have had a secret (artistic) crush on someone, and now is the chance to reach out to them? 


  • 2 weeks paid residency at Danseatelier's studio in Nørrebro, Copenhage(Studio approx. 75 m2 (15 m*5 m) with kitchen and toilet)
  • Possibility for 2 feedback sessions with members of Danseatelier and curators of the residency Marlene Bonnesen, Ingvild Bertelsen and Karis Zidore
  • A minimal technical set-up (standard lights, two speakers, a mixer)
  • A public sharing*** in Danseatelier at the end of the residency
  • Photo documentation

NOTE: Unfortunately we do not provide accommodation as a part of the residency.


Beginning of March A pre-residency meeting (live or zoom)

21 April - 5 May 2 weeks residency

4 May Public sharing

Sometime in May A feedback meeting


10.000 DKK salary pr. artist

3.000 DKK for materials

Up to 2.000 DKK for travels pr. artist


Send following to with the topic 'undone_done_undone application'

  • Max. 1 page project description where you include: 1) A description of your existing solo work. 2) Who you will bring as a collaborator and why. 3) How you wish to do, undo and do your solo work during the residency. (.pdf)
  • 1 page CV pr artist (.pdf)
  • A document with link to relevant works (.pdf)

DEADLINE 4th of December 23:59

(You'll get answer by December 15th)

**Unconventional framework

When it comes to the usage of the studio, Danseatelier works with both a liquid structure and a booking system. Parts of the week the studio is an open and shared space for the whole collective of Danseatelier to use, and another part of the week works with a booking system. This liquid structure also gives the chance for the artist in residency to have collegial meetings with artists of Danseatelier.

The invited guests at undone, done, undone will get all the hours of possible booking between the 21st of April - 5th of May and will be invited to use Danseatlier on the same terms as the rest of the collective at other times:

The artists in residency will get the studio by themselves following times:

Sundays-Tuesdays (both weeks) all day

Wednesdays-Fridays (both weeks) mornings before 13:00 and evenings after 18:00

The artists in residency will be invited to share the studio with the rest of Danseatelier:

Wednesdays-Fridays (both weeks) between 13:00-18:00

(this might be with sharing the space with 0-5 others. This time can be used for office time, writings, or more quiet practives that doesn't need full privacy. We do have a curtain to seperate the space as well)

Due to our neighbours we cannot play loud music after 19:00.

***Public sharing

The public sharing will happen on the 4th of May in the studio of Dansatelier. We, Ingvild, Marlene and Karis, will invite another artist to share the day/evening with you. We will look for a work that would be interesting in relation to your proposal. We are open for ideas and wishes from the artists in residency both in relation to the other invited artist as well as how the day/evening will be hosted by us.


Danseatelier is a space and a group consisting of 11 colleagues, dancers/choreographers and friends working within the expanded field of contemporary dance and choreography in Copenhagen, as well as internationally. The initiative originated in 2015 from a need for continuity, a space for knowledge sharing, as well as social and artistic support. We work with alternative modes of production and togetherness in the field of dance, finding new configurations of exchange that can enhance our senses of collective thinking and interdependent living. A large part of our practice consists of finding new ways of working together, whether it is through hosting, sharing or making work - taking inspiration from rhizomatic ideas of structuring and methodologies of multiple hierarchies. By insisting on each other and our relation to the field we want to take steps away from individualization and alienation which sets the tone in today’s fragmented and accelerated society. Danseatelier is an ongoing organisational and creative research in collectivity, morphing with time and needs.


Danseatelier consists of Nanna Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Olivia Rivière, Snore Elvin, Karis Zidore, Emilia Gasiorek, Sandra Liaklev Andersen, Ingvild Bertelsen, Marlene Bonnesen, Isolde Daun and Stine Frandsen.

For questions please contact the curatorial group Ingvild Bertelsen, Marlene Bonnesen and Karis Zidore


undone__done__undone is supproted by the Danish Arts Foundation and Fonden Roskilde Festival