practicing togetherness

As a part of ‘Choreography in action’ at Charlottenborg we showed a condensed version of the activity already present in DANSEatelier: by practicing collectivity through feeding each other’s work as individual artists. By sharing pieces//fragments//examples from what we are working on, we deliberately allow each other’s contribution. In DANSEatelier we work next to, together and across each other’s physical and artistic pathways, allowing for contamination, mutation and transformation.

CHOREOGRAPHY IN ACTION is a weekly event hosted by Dansehallerne. Every Monday Dansehallerne presents meetings between affiliated artists and guests from other programs and performances presented by Dansehallerne. In a collegial setting, artists share thoughts, experiences and works.

'DANSEatelier as the choreography of today

Imagine DANSEatelier as a choreography. As a series of actions and entities put in relation to each other. More or less aware of what it produce, look at it as if every choice, placement, aesthaetic and action is deliberate carved out in marble.

(And most of all look at what is produced, more than what we decided to structure it with. )

Then imagine today as a choreography. All the movements, emotions, sensations, formations and situations as the choreography called DANSEatelier.

Visualize and revisit these encounters, movements, needs, sensations and emotions, as if decided or directed to you. Or as if it was a choreography that you witnessed.

You can revisit and recall these movements of todays choreography from different filters: did you move from your emotions, did you move from a need, did you witness from your emotions'

Prologue: Feral horses

Once there were a group of 11 small horses gaiting together

Gait as the walk, the trot, the canter, the run

They were galloping in sync, parallel to and side by side each other

Horses in all colors - some in a constant change, others like rainbows gathered to run, to stand still, to listen, to observe.

The little horses lived far up north so they needed a warm place to run their run, in a run on the edge of gentrification.

They would move from place to place, when looking back seeing buildings being demolished behind them, searching for basements, empty offices, post industrial landscapes as a place to grow from.

If it was a stable, a running track or a farm they searched for they did not worry too much about

they were more focused on the places in between, a liquid space where they could swim together, contaminate each other, splash around and get washed.

The horses would be galloping free, but they needed a new frame to gallop within

A frame not pre-decided for them by the structures around them and people before them

They asked themself how they could decolonize their gait

They would look back on their history, their ancestors

They would track the tendencies of their gait

- look and be with the four-beat gait that they were in

left hind leg, left front leg, right hind leg, right front leg, in a regular 1-2-3-4 beat

They would let go of it again and acknowledge where it came from and how it had influenced their way to gait

They invited other horses, ponies and unicorns in to run with them

They invited plants, humans and forgotten objects

They were curious of a togetherness that didn’t only deal with the horse-world

Dreaming of a more-than-horse world they sided themself with other matters

Sometimes a horse, sometimes more than one, would be gone for months discovering other fields, other mountains, other creeks and then come back

In that way weave the local with the with the global and undefine borders

The core of the group of horses would be in a constant change and they would allow one  another to come and go