was an evening of performances dealing with the tactility of sound and image. Bringing together works from various artistic disciplines, the event was curated around ways of perceiving, receiving and exploring the auditory and the visual.

DANSEatelier feat. friends was a part of Selection-Redo, a week including five performances, a seminar and DJ, all hosted by Sara Gebran at Dansehallerne.

DANSEatelier feat. friends was happening on 19th of May 2017.

feat. friends

*Might seem vacant*
by Riviere,Gasiorek&Stigsdatter
Might seem vacant is an act of revealing. It is a craftsmanship of unfolding a space, a history, the virtual potential of something. The stage and the body are sites and we are the archaeologists of virtuality. Our speciality is, not to reveal tactile objects, but to move and sense in order to unravel the virtual potential within reality and fiction.

*Strohhalmen (straws) 2014*
Choreography: Adriano Wilfert Jensen
Dance: Amalie Bergstein Nielsen, Andreas Haglund, Anna Lea Ourø Jensen, Iggy Lond Malmborg, Jacob Darfelt, Lea Vendelbo Peterson, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Mie Møller Larsen, Paolo Gile, Piet Gitz-Johansen, Vibe Overgaard
Dramaturgy: Alice Chauchat

*Autopsia x Jonathan Pyon*
An investigation of live music and video documentation of performance. For this particular night Autopsia and Jonathan Pyon are collaborating to present a new piece of work consisting of a video piece selected and edited by Autopsia and interpretated live with sound made by electronic musician Jonathan Pyon. Autopsia is a project dealing with documentation of live arts: dance, choreography, and performance art. This is taking place during the spring 2017 and seeks to recupperate video documentation through musical interpretation so that a new symbiotic context comes into existence. Jonathan Pyon is the pseudonym of composer Alexander Holm. With the 12” debut that came out a few months ago, Alexander turns the 4/4 dance floor inside out, and seeks out more hazy, weird and tender corners of the genre. Furthermore Alexander founded the young record label Sensorisk Verden, which stands behind a number of musical releases, exhibitions and performance events.

*body movin' / body listenin’ – or some optional, audible trajectories*
– a collective listening session hosted by The Lake // Kasper Vang

by Anne Nora Fischer & Anna Moderato
CHORUS is a compilation of found everyday speech and movement performed by 12 people.
CHORUS refers to the Greek chorus, which functions as a commentary to a play and guides the audience's interpretations and reactions to what is happening on stage. The title also refers to the refrain of a song, that is repeated again and again; often so catchy that it sticks in your mind until you find yourself humming it at random.

The piece deals with both explicit commentary on and directions for how to behave, and the internalized, less obvious, alterations it causes in how we think of “our-selves”. By recomposing excess movement and in-between utterances we are interested in producing a poetic investigating of the minimal and almost invisible social gestures that, despite their subtleness, quite violently form our collective and individual identity.

With: Anna Moderato, Anne Nora Fischer, Emilie Gregersen, Karin Bergman, Rebecka Brechtold, Lydia Diakité, Anna Lea Jensen, Emelie Carlén, Dina Friemuth, Sufie Elmgren, Moa Alskog

by Ingvild Bertelsen
I will try to show some of my understandings around society's expectations of what it means to be human. Through this choreography I will attempt to fragment some topics of expectations that are central: Identity, interaction, and physicality. If one peels away the social norms and expectations on yourself, then what are you left with?
STUCK is a solo that I started in cooperation with the Austro-American choreographer Melanie Maar in 2014.

*the tectonics*
by DANSEatelier
the tectonics’ is a rhizomatic mapping of information through desires and strategies. It deals with the hosting, passing and translating of information between and across bodies and screens. Coming from a desire to navigate through the multitude of information in our lives, it focuses on this constant accumulation of layers, and insists on being with this complexity.

For this iteration of the piece, 6 from DANSEatelier will perform: Ingvild Bertelsen, Marlene Bonnesen, Emilia Gasiorek, Snorre Hansen, Sandra Liaklev Andersen and Nanna Stigsdatter Mathiassen.

*Linda Lazer*
Linda Lazer is a music and performance artist currently based in Outer Space. On this special night zie will be channeling ancient truths from the void through performance and music. With afrofuturism and sci-fi thematics, zie shapes an otherworldly vision of our very worldly desires and flaws; From sexual chemistry to genocide.
Linda Lazer will appear together with zir go-to video-goon and complimentary opposite, Kristoffer Amundsen, who will weave his projections and lights in; Filling space with fragments of documentation. Obfuscating truth and nurturing discord.

*Eva Afewerki aka RefugeeN4*
Eritrean Dj based in Copenhagen will come for the afterparty, and play some Hiphop-Trap-East African Vintage and Afro-Beat for us!

*Sensorium A*
Isolde Daun & Stine Frandsen
We invite you into a smaller space. Touch and vocal sound tattoos highlight patterns and images in the body. Find us in the foyer -before, between and after the presented program. Sessions done one by one.

Support: Danish Arts Foundation. Co-produced: Dansehallerne.