Concept, Choreography and Performance: Emilia Gasiorek 

Mentor: Emma-Cecilia Ajanki 

Scenography and costume consultant: Lea Paulsen

Photography and film documentation: Vilde Livsdatter

Film editing: Ida Gedbjerg Sørensen

In residency: Åbne Scene in collaboration with HAUT

Support: Statens Kunstfond and Københavns Kommune

Lowlands is a soft lament to the voice of self-critique. Tumbling into the space after sadness and catching the inner voice of judgement, it shapes a dream-like trance that lulls and endures. Images emerge through the watery tissue of the work, evoking a body falling apart and gathering itself together again, a body at sea and a body on a patchwork of waves. Lowlands is about the aesthetics of perceived inadequacy, the common fear of lack of creativity, and the anxiety of production. It constructs a blue world where the fragility of these emotions are contained with care, creating ripples of paper and painterly images.

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