what we do but don't know /

med kroppen på opdagelse 

The laboratory work what we do but don't know proposes a choreographic game where
we investigate the space through movement, words, body and sound. It works both as a workshop and a performance. With a pair of wireless headphones each individual participant is guided in the space led by one of the three performers. The participants visit three different stations in the space: A space of physical interaction. A space of observation. A space of writing and reflection. The participants are choosing different scores at the stations which is constantly defining and changing the activities in the space. 

The work has been collectively developed by dance artists and choreographers Lars Dahl Pedersen, Mette Overgaard and Marlene Bonnesen. Since 2016 they have been working on merging and weaving their individual choreographic interests, and asked each other how their practices can co-exist and be kept unfolded by spending time with them. The choreographic laboratory has been touring around Denmark since 2018 and it is part of Dansehallerne's KORA programme for kids and youngsters. 


Sound design: Dave Navndrup Black

Costumes: Inbal Lieblich

Dance consultant: Micaela Kühn

Film production: Kanvas Film

Co-production: Dansehallerne

Photo: Max Wallmeier

Thanks to Statens Kunstfond and Forsøgsstationen