danseatelier could be the connective tissue between a group of people and a place. the place as a facilitater of a space for the group to research rhizomatic and collective structures within a swamp of dance and choreography


danseatelier is a place and a group of 11 friends working in the field of dance and choreography in Copenhagen. The initiative origins from a need for continuity, a space for sharing of knowledge, as well as social and artistic support – to basically stand together in our relationship with dance, dancing and choreography. A large part of our work consists of finding ways for how to deal with the ‘thought-action’ of rhizomatic structuring and multiple hierarchies. By insisting on togetherness and slowness we want to take steps away from individualization and loneliness whether its through hosting, sharing or making work. It is an ongoing organizational and creative research in collectivity, morphing with time and needs.