porous nests 

by Peter Scherrebeck, Katrine Staub and Snorre Elvin

Porous Nests is a performance project developing the practice of building porous nests for dance to happen within. In a liquid space that transforms over time choreographers Kat Staub, Snorre Elvin and Peter Scherrebeck Hansen are both as makers and performers striving to expand the notion of the stage and of performative staging through building nest installations that can host different performative actions.

In an engagement into creating anchors of nurture, the emerging spaces come to serve as containers able to host flamboyant performances and vulnerable court shipping that inaugurate the dance as a tool for practical magic, rituals of care and political resistance. The body performing in this landscape is seen as an extension of the installation, and as a porous nest of dance itself.

Performed at Lothringer 13 Halle (Münich) and Lause (Berlin) with residencies at Tanzbüro, Lause and Marselisborg Gymnasium.


article by Nicola van Straaten

pictures from Lothringer 13 Halle