porous nests 

by Peter Scherrebeck, Katrine Staub and Snorre Hansen

An inestigation on how to use dance as a tool to challenge our reationships to various human and non-human bodies upheld by patriarchy. The research has circulates around creating temporary nests that can fa-cilitate places for dance to exist within. It deals with the question of using spaces versus owning them, and the precarity of a uctuating habitat.

The performance could be considered  like an eco-feminist multispecies computer game which takes place in an urban-cowgirl fantasy universe by the sea threathened to be completely gentrified. A bunch of queer paradiesbirds have to cruise around, build porous nests and seduce each other in hopes of discovering the secret and forgotten folkdance which is the only spell that holds the power to destroy "the boss" and put an end to the gentrification.


article by Nicola van Straaten

pictures by Umbruch Bildarchiv from work in process showing as a part of Lause Art and Activism Recidency