With Performances by

Cathryn Humpreys, Hanna Strandberg, Lisa Schåman,

Lydia Ostberg Diakté, Andreas Haglund, Lisen Pousette, 

Ellen Söderhult and Oda Bakke

The Oracle and B.B Angelica

Max Wallmeier

Meleat Fridrikson

Disturbing Business

With Food by Olga Andrynowska

DJ's: Amalie Bergstein & Camilla Lind

DANSEatelier: ÅBNINGER/OPENING was the opening evening of our new studio at Blegdamsvej 18A. Curated by Marlene Bonnesen, Ingvild Bertelsen and Snorre Hansen.


Picures by Nadia Marilena Roccato

Poster by Oline Marie Andersen