danseatelier is a vision of creating continuity

and shared authorship in the exploration of dance and choreographical practices. It is a physical space and a collective of eleven dancers, choreographers and friends.

An important part of our work is the notion of collectivity as a way of sharing and producing knowledge. We practice collectivity through a daily encounter, where we share a morning practice together. The daily encounter also allows for us to continually check in with each other on both an artistic and personal level. Through this we create a foundation out from which we work, and develop an analytical and physical inquiry with dance.


Collectivity is also seen in our ongoing artistic research, where we work together on the creation ofspecific performances, through shared references, methods of working and physical material. Workingcollectively is also about weaving in and out of each others individual work; by being in the studio sharing the space and by giving each other feedback or dramaturgical support. It isn’t possible to book danseatelier. We are interested in how we can feed each other’s work, by working next to each other,crossing each other’s physical and artistic pathways and deliberately allowing interference. On an organizational level we explore different formats of flat structures, including multiple hierarchies. We have created a twofold structure for responding to common matters. One is build on trust, that allows for individuals to take a decision for/about/as DANSEatelier without needing to discuss it with everyone. The other involves including everyone’s thoughts on a matter in our weekly meeting. Another important element in our organization is a rotational system of different activities: facilitation of morning practice, weekly meetings and other areas of responsibility.


Finally, we are interested in unpacking the term itself. Through these different ways of practicing collectivity, we work on understanding what the term can entail. We are curious about the positive potentials lying within collectivity, and at the same time are attentive towards the difficulties of working within a bigger group. danseatelier is also about supporting and developing the existing performance community in and around Copenhagen as well as reaching out internationally. This we do through different formats, such as open performance events, reading circles, seminars, attending international festivals and by having an open door towards guests passing by. As individuals we are all also working with projects outside of danseatelier. We perform in other artists works, teach and curate events. These are all experiences we bring back and share with the collective of danseatelier.